Meet Our Team

  • Jeffrey Davis

    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Jeffrey Davis has spent the last 20 years of his career at Sheffield Pharmaceuticals where he has been a key operational leader responsible for Sheffield’s rapid growth from the late 1990s to today. (more…)
  • Roland Hernandez

    Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing
    Roland is a bilingual, energetic, highly motivated, well-known, influential and respected management executive in the worldwide consumer products market. (more…)
  • Anthony Sollima

    Vice President of Quality & Product Development
    Anthony Sollima has been a key member of Sheffield’s management team since April of 2004 when he joined the company as Quality Control Manager. (more…)
  • James Congdon

    Vice President of Operations
  • William Mencer

    Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
    William Mencer has served as Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer for Sheffield Pharmaceuticals for 13 years. (more…)
  • Michael Clark

    Senior Director of Product Strategy & Branding
  • Matt Royer

    Senior Sales & Marketing Project Manager
    Matt has been working for Sheffield Pharmaceuticals since 2004 in a number of Key Roles. He is well-known in the office as an energetic serial multi-tasker with a high level of organization and attention to detail. (more…)
  • Joe Ybarra

    Regional & International Export Sales Manager
    Joe joined the Sheffield Pharmaceuticals team in February of 2014 with the acquisition of the Lee Pharmaceuticals’ assets. Since then, Joe has worked on securing orders from various accounts. (more…)
  • Luke Zinsky

    Business Development Manager
    Luke has been, at one time or another, the go to sales coordinator for almost every client that Sheffield has served. A ten year veteran, (more…)
  • Susan Mandino

    Customer Service Manager
  • Anita delaCruz

    Research & Development Manager

    Anita delaCruz has been with Sheffield Pharmaceuticals since 1999 and has witnessed the Company grow from a fairly small operation to the scale it is today.   (more…)

  • Pam Rathbun

    Purchasing Supervisor

    Ms. Rathbun has over twenty years of experience in the areas of Sales, Procurement, Negotiation, and Supplier management for the Personal Care industry. (more…)