Meet Our Team

  • Jeffrey Davis

    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Jeffrey Davis has spent the last 20 years of his career at Sheffield Pharmaceuticals where he has been a key operational leader responsible for Sheffield’s rapid growth from the late 1990s to today. (more…)
  • Roland Hernandez

    Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing
    Roland is a bilingual, energetic, highly motivated, well-known, influential and respected management executive in the worldwide consumer products market. (more…)
  • Anthony Sollima

    Vice President of Quality & Product Development
    Anthony Sollima has been a key member of Sheffield’s management team since April of 2004 when he joined the company as Quality Control Manager. (more…)
  • James Congdon

    Vice President of Operations
  • Roland Regnier

    Vice President of Business Development
    Roland takes on the newly created position of Vice President of Business Development and will focus on contract packaging and manufacturing.  (more…)
  • Phil Lagnese

    Vice President Business Development, Private Label
  • William Mencer

    Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
    William Mencer has served as Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer for Sheffield Pharmaceuticals for 13 years. (more…)
  • Todd Kwait

    Corporate Strategic Advisor
    Responsible for new initiatives and business development. He has worked with Sheffield for almost two years. Previously, Todd was the co-founder and President of Product Quest Manufacturing.
  • Michael Clark

    Senior Director of Product Strategy & Branding
  • Matt Royer

    Senior Sales & Marketing Project Manager
    Matt has been working for Sheffield Pharmaceuticals since 2004 in a number of Key Roles. He is well-known in the office as an energetic serial multi-tasker with a high level of organization and attention to detail. (more…)
  • Susan Mandino

    Customer Service Manager
  • Anita delaCruz

    Research & Development Manager

    Anita delaCruz has been with Sheffield Pharmaceuticals since 1999 and has witnessed the Company grow from a fairly small operation to the scale it is today.   (more…)

  • Gerry Hetu

    Purchasing Manager
    Gerry came to Sheffield with a background in the chemical market and has worked with Sheffield directly in the past. (more…)
  • Pam Rathbun

    Purchasing Supervisor

    Ms. Rathbun has over twenty years of experience in the areas of Sales, Procurement, Negotiation, and Supplier management for the Personal Care industry. (more…)

  • Rod Devore

    Production Manager
    Rod DeVore has more than thirty years of manufacturing experience, and has broad knowledge of the entire manufacturing process (more…)